Organization Committee

Organization means getting everyone working toward the same goal. The tough work of building consensus and cooperation among the groups that have an important stake in the district can be eased by using the common-sense formula of a volunteer-driven program and an organizational structure of board and committees.

The Organization Committee plays a key role in keeping the board, committees, staff, and programs in good shape by attracting people and money to the organization. The committee ultimately manages the financial and logistical aspects of the organization. That is accomplished by raising money, managing staff and volunteers, promoting the program, and managing finances by developing good accounting procedures.

Lynne Fox and Julie Abbott serve as the Committee Chairwomen.

The Evanston Main Street Board of Directors identified the following objectives for this committee:
  • Volunteer Development
    • Recruiting volunteers recruitment
    • Maintaining volunteer educational materials
    • Providing volunteer recognition and reward
    • Enforcing volunteer policies
  • Public Relations Plan
    • Developing and maintaining the website
    • Educating the Community of the Main Street program and activities
  • Fundraising
    • Insuring Renewal Ball happens
    • Creating and liaison with Business Committee
    • Securing 501 (c)3 status with Incorporation and Bylaws
Volunteer Information
For more information about volunteering, please visit Volunteer Opportunities.