Hotel Evanston

Hotel Evanston
Hotel EvanstonHistory
Hotel Evanston was built in 1912 and was used as a business through the late 1980s. However, in the later years of service, the property began to deteriorate. For approximately 10 years the building sat empty and deteriorated further.

Purchase & Renovation
In 2000, the Evanston Urban Renewal Agency purchased the property with a vision to upgrade the infrastructure and entice a developer to buy the property.

In 2006, the Renewal Agency received a $300,000 grant from the Wyoming Business Council for work on the Hotel, and in 2008, they received $200,000 more from the State Land Investment Board. The Agency has used private donations as matching funds for the grants.

With the combined funds, the agency engaged the services of Dubbe-Moulder Architects, who worked to improve the property, and with the improvements came increased interest in the project. Improvements to date include a new roof, skylights, windows, new doors, a new façade, and a new storefront. The hotel structure boasts 45 guest rooms and 15 bathrooms with large main-floor dining, meeting and business space. There is also a large, industrial-sized kitchen and a full basement.

The Evanston Main Street Economic Restructuring Committee, chaired by Jon Dolezal, is making plans to market the building. The first action was to obtain a grant for window murals to suggest future use of the building to potential investors and provide contact information for interested parties.

The Committee sees a need for additional work on the structure to make it truly investor ready and will pursue grants to continue this work. It is the Agency and Board long-term goal to get this gem back into the private sector as a viable downtown business property. Potential uses are many, but preference will be given to usage that adds to the life and vitality of Evanston’s downtown.

Additional Information
For more information, please call (307) 783-6320.