2040 Comprehensive Plan

What is the 2040 Comprehensive Plan?
The 2040 Comprehensive Plan, A Sustainable Vision, is an update of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan, A Community Vision. It is a flexible guide for future land uses and development of the city. The 2040 Comprehensive Plan will identify current and future needs and wants, likes and dislikes, and expectations of the community.

A variety of opportunities were realized through the implementation of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan. It is now timely to update the 2010 Plan.

The City of Evanston will hold a series of public meetings or RAFT (Responsible Actions, Future Thoughts) sessions to gather input and have discussions regarding the plan. These sessions will be available for public participation, and will be posted on this webpage when the dates have been set.

Please click here to find your planning neighborhood description.

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These sessions are open to the public and we encourage everyone to attend. Information will be gathered to add to the framework available below.We anticipate having a draft of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan available on this website by the end of 2020.

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan framework is available for the public to view by clicking on the blue underlined link, or you can contact the City of Evanston Planning and Development Department for more information; 307-783-6470.

Thank you for your help in shaping Evanston's future!