Evan Perkes

Ward III
Title: Council Member
Phone: (307) 679-4855
Council Member Evan Perkes

I was born in a small Cache Valley dairy town called Hyde Park, Utah. I grew up mowing lawns, hauling hay, working on the farms, milking cows, and working at the town's corner grocery store. I was active in my church, played baseball in the summer, hunted in the fall, besketball in the winter, helped with the family garden in the spring, and fished anytime I could. I was active in scouting and enjoyed getting the Order of the Arrow. I graduated from Sky View High in 1978. In 1982 I moved to Evanston to work at a grocery store that was being built at that time. I remember the underpass was still being finished when we opened in the spring of 1983. I transferred to New Mexico for a year and half , then was offered to transfer to one of three locations. I chose Evanston because it always felt like home and it has been every since. I have four adult children, with five grandchildren. My beautiful wife, Gina, and I have two children in Evanston High School. 

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