Liquor Licensing

Obtaining a License

Any person intending to sell or dispense any alcoholic or malt liquor in an established location must first obtain a liquor license authorized by the governing body from the City of Evanston. The license needs to be filed in the City Clerk's Office.

For additional information in obtaining a liquor license in the City of Evanston, please contact the City Clerk at (307) 783-6300.

Obtaining a Limited Malt Beverage Permit or a Catering Permit

A limited malt beverage permit authorizing the sale of malt beverages only may be issued by the City Council to any responsible person or organization for sales at a picnic, bazaar, fair, rodeo, special holiday, or similar public gathering. With the permit, you cannot sell any alcoholic beverages other than malt beverages on the premises described on the permit.

A catering permit authorizing the sell of alcoholic and malt beverages may be issued to anyone with a retail or resort liquor license, authorizing the off-premise sale of both alcoholic and malt beverages at meetings, conventions, private parties, and dinners not capable of being held within the licensed premises. With either permit, the alcoholic and malt beverages cannot be sold or consumed off the premises authorized by the permit.

To obtain a 24-hour Limited Malt Beverage or Catering Permit you will need to submit a completed form to the Evanston City Clerk one week prior to a regularly scheduled City Council meeting. A $25 fee for each day of the permit is to be paid at the time of application. The Evanston City Council will then review the application at a regular City Council meeting. If approved, the City Clerk will then issue the permit.