Animal Shelter Policies

The City of Evanston Animal Control and Shelter is a municipally funded animal shelter serving the citizens of Evanston. Each year our officers respond to thousands of calls for assistance from people with animal-related problems. Our professionally trained Code Enforcement Officers provide a variety of services to the community. Animal adoptions, animal licenses, ordinance violation enforcement, and humane law enforcement are all tasks completed on a daily basis by our officers.

Adoption of another family member is a lifetime decision and not to be taken lightly. There is never a shortage of pets in need of loving homes. If an animal is picked up off the street due to running at large or stray the shelter will house the animal for 72 hours in hopes that the owner will claim the animal. After the 72 hour period, the animal will be available for adoption. If the owner signs over the animal to the shelter, the animal will be available for adoption immediately.

Fees for adoption are:
  • Dog: $25
  • Puppy (under 7 months): $5
  • Cat: $15
  • Kitten (under 7 months): $5
If the animal has no history of shots or needs its initial shots, there will be an additional $10 fee for shots administered at the shelter. You will also receive a free examination from Bear River Vet or MJB Vet.

Be a Hero!
Be a hero and save a life the next time you are thinking of bringing a new pet home! You do not have to be a resident of Evanston to adopt, however you do have to be able to come to our shelter as we can not ship any animal under any circumstances.