Rental Fee   

To rent any of these buildings, call the Facilities Division at 307-783-6306. Buildings can be rented for ONE day for setup and ONE day for cleanup for 50% of the daily user fee after paying for a full rental price.

BuildingUser feeCleaning and damage deposit (per day)
Machine Shop$150$300
Strand Theatre$75 $300 
Depot Square (Depot, Beeman, Chinese Gazebo, Martin Park Gazebo, and grassy areas

Chinese Gazebo with Depot or Beeman
Martin Park Gazebo with Depot or Beeman


For Profit Sporting Event in any Building$1,500$1,500

  • User fee payment is required at time of reservation and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Cleaning and damage deposit is due at the time of reservation (credit card or cash only).
  • The person making the reservation is responsible for the facility - no subleasing is permitted.