Mike Sellers

Ward II
Title: Council Member
Mike Sellers

Though I was born in Utah, I have lived more than half my life in Wyoming including graduating from Mountain View High School. My wife and I moved our family to Evanston in 1999. I have served the great people of Evanston for over 14 years as a Registered Nurse. The role of nurse has allowed me to see, help and meet many of the citizens of Evanston. I have also been with many through the best of times and the worst of times. We also own and operate a local business, which allows us to provide housing and service to many other in the community over the last 23 years. Before becoming a member of City Council, I had the privilege of serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission for 9 years. During this tenure I feel that there was an effort to build the future of Evanston, including work on the 2010 and 2030 master plans. It gives me a great feeling to see some of these plans become reality. I ran for Evanston City Council Ward 2, based on what I feel is a need to continue to develop and grow our city; thus insuring a better and more secure future. If something is not growing it is dying, as we see an out migration we are not growing. There are not jobs or opportunities that will allow our children to stay and enjoy the opportunities that living here affords. I do not think our current status is all right and I will work to assure a future for Evanston.

Thank you all for the support of allowing me to serve you.

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