Documents & FAQs

Do I need a Building Permit?

Sheds and Accessory buildings larger than 12’x10’ or 120 square feet require a building permit.  

New Sprinkler Systems and additions or extensions to existing Systems require a building permit.

New Fences and additions or extensions to existing Fences require a building permit.

Retaining Walls require a building permit.  Any retaining walls 4-foot tall and over, require engineer stamped plans to be submitted with the building permit.

Decks require a building permit.

Awnings or Covers require a building permit.

Solar Systems require a building permit and a Wyoming State Plan Review and Electrical Permit.  Please review "Electrical PV Plan Review Checklist" below for more information.

Plot Plans or Site Plans and Construction Plans are required to be attached to all building permit requests (see example below).

Building Permit Fees are assessed based on the "Project Cost" entered on the permit application. Project costs must include all materials and contractor fees when applicable. 

Construction on approved permits must begin within 180 days of the permit issue date.  After 180 days of the issue date, if construction has not begun or no progress has been made, a new approved permit will be required. 

Permit fees are listed on the Engineering Dept. Rate Sheets below.

Please use the most current Wyoming State accepted IBC for all submissions.